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4 tips for victims of crime
Give yourself time!

You have been subjected to an extreme and extraordinary experience. You have every right to look after yourself. Primarily, and above all, this means allowing yourself to do so.

Take an active approach to looking after yourself!

Take a look at what does you good. Some people find it helpful to talk to those close to them about what they have experienced. Others need physical exercise more than anything else. Others, in turn, simply want to get back into their routine and orient themselves towards their familiar everyday life.


You don’t have to face this on your own. Contact the medical and psychosocial help services in your area. Particularly if you have the feeling that the situation is too much for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Further information is available from the Opfer-Telefon under the number 116 006 or on the internet under We would be pleased to help you.

The good news:

Don’t forget...
The stress you have suffered as a result of the crime will diminish over time! In many cases, people who have been the victim of a crime eventually recover and return to their normal lives.