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The Public Prosecutor

What are the responsibilities of a prosecutor?

As soon as the public prosecutor’s office gets the final report from the police or learns about a committed crime any other way it starts investigate the facts itself or asks the police to do so. At the end of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office has to decide whether to indict or terminate the proceedings. The prosecutor’s office is bound to act objectively, neutrally and impartially. It must investigate incriminating as well as exculpating circumstances with the same level of diligence. 
Just as the police and the court, the prosecutor is also duty-bound to take the rights and interests of the victims of crimes appropriately into account. He must also inform all victims about their rights in the proceedings and about the possibility of receiving compensation and assistance.

What is the role of the prosecutor during the main criminal proceedings?

If the prosecutor’s office submits an indictment which results in a trial, the prosecutor is one of the most important parties in the proceedings. The prosecutor reads the charges, can ask questions and file motions, and presents the closing arguments. The prosecutor is also authorised to appeal.