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Medical Support

In order to quickly secure the evidence of rape, for example, in a timely manner and in a way that can be used in court, many clinics or out-patient clinics for the victims of violence facilitate anonymous securing of evidence at no cost. Victims are not required to report the incident to the police. Rather, they are able to take the time to consider whether or not they wish to do so. The evidence is retained for up to 20 years for a possible court case. The problem, however, is that this offer is not available throughout the whole of Germany. The data are treated as confidential; furthermore, the doctors in attendance are subject to medical confidentiality. On the home page of TERRE DES FEMMES you will find an overview of the institutes in which anonymous securing of evidence is possible.

In addition, the option of a fee-based forensic medical examination is also possible. In this regard, you can contact the victim support organisation WEISSER RING e.V., which has 420 offices nationwide. Where required, the volunteer staff at the organisation can issue a free support voucher for a forensic medical examination.

As of 01.03.2020, pursuant to Section 27, Sub-section 1, p. 6 SGB V, (Social Insurance Code) holders of medical insurance are, in the event of evidence of third-party injury to health, which can be the consequences of physical abuse, sexual attack, indecent assault or rape, entitled to avail of measures for the collection of physical evidence including the necessary documentation, laboratory tests and the appropriate storage of the evidence secured, for example, in forensic medical examinations. A connection between the negative impact on health and the act of violence need not be determined or likely. The evidence is stored until such time as the limitation period for the asserting of criminal or civil charges comes into effect.


In addition to the Emergency Number 112, you can reach the next Rescue Coordination Centre under the telephone number (own area code plus) 19222, the doctor on call service under 116 117.

On the issue of patients’ rights, problems with treatment or with services of the statutory health insurance scheme, you can contact

- the independent patients’ advisory service under the number 0800 011 7722 or

- the Federal Government Commissioner for Patients’ Affairs under

A list of psychotherapists in your area can be obtained from your health insurance provides, the local Medical Association (Ärztekammer) or the Association of Psychotherapists (Psychotherapeutenkammer).